Long - Ötillö Merit Race 

Epic Landus Long  - Ötillö Merit race

Ötillö Merit events are events that we think are the best in the class when it comes to safety, racer experience, race quality and race management. These events are usually the first events in the region and we see them as Lighthouses to guide the direction of Swimrun

- Michael Lemmel, Race Director ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series and Founder of Swimrun


Epic Landus Swimrun LONG race teams will collect points towards the ÖTÏLLÖ Swimrun ranking system

All Epic Landus Teams are covered by insurance included in the race price, but you can also pay for cancelation, that will reimburse race price until 30 days adviced in advance to the race date. Nevertheless, All the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Merit races are covered in the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Insurance that you can purchase and be reimbursed if you cannot attend the race due to medical reasons, fly tickets, etc. It is of course also an accident and liability insurance.


PRICES PER TEAM (Not for Individual Sprint)


Until May 15th 2020

164 €

From May 16th 2020

To September 15th 2020

198 €

From September 16th 2020

Until September 29th 2020

244 €




Create you Swimrun ID at Ötillö Swimrun account, your points will be collected fot Ötillo Swimrun Ranking


The ÖTILLÖ Swimrun insurance is  a “Swimrun-Athletes-Insurance Program” with a recognized international Insurance Company. It is possible to buy this cover for single events only (Epic Landus) or for the entire ÖtillÖ Swimrun season and Merit Races



Athletes safety is number one priority for Epic Landus team, therefore, we put special care in:

  •  Teams are made by pairs, athletes should  never race alone, each member should take care of his race partner as  well.
  • Teams of two must stay together at all times and must remain less than 10 metres apart ( recommended to be tied up by a 10m lenth elastic rope)
  • Swimming legs will be  monitored (sailboats, motorboats and cannoes)
  • Ambulance.
  • Multiple aid/energy  stations.
  • Every team will have      timing chips with tracking.
  • Team members that do not have ÖTILLÖ insurance (Event or annual) should hire an specific insurance for Swimrun  sport or buy the ÖTILLÖ insurance that also  reimburses if you cannot attend the race due to medical reasons . More info here.

Mandatory material:

  • Wetsuit ( min 1 per team )
  • Swim Cap (Epic Landus  will provide)
  • Running shoes
  • 1 whistle per team member
  • 1 emergency kit per team ( more  information here )

Optional material:

  • Hand paddles
  • Swim goggles
  • Fins
  • Snorkel
  • Pull-buoy (max. dimension allowed 100cmx40cm)
  • Hydration backpack
  • Food and drinks



  • There will be checkpoints on all courses
  • Teams must arrive at each checkpoint and transition as a pair
  • Teams must check in at all checkpoints.


  • The location of the static medical facility  will be provided during the Safety Briefing (Briefing is mandatory).


  • The clock begins when the whistle goes at the start and finishes when the last team member has crossed the Finish Line.
  • Teams must complete the event within the time limit
  • Cut off times will be strictly enforced. There is a cut offs at aid station 4 (25,7 km in the Large course), 4 hours from the starting time; any late  comers at the aid stations will be stopped at that point.
  • Participants reaching the finish line after  the final cut off will not be listed as finishers and will not be eligible for awards.


  • Teams  must know the rules and follow them.
  • Participants must offer assistance in case of emergency to other teams if necessary, otherwise, this could cause disqualification.
  • Littering of any kind will result in immediate disqualification. We have been given the privilege of racing through a pristine landscape. Littering will threaten our use of it in years to come.
  • Participants compete in this event entirely at their own risk, including but not limited to road crossings, bay crossings, lake crossings, river crossings,  and all other hazards of the lakes and trail.
  • Teams must sign the event disclaimer at Registration. Participants who have not signed the waiver will not be allowed to start the race.