6 de Octubre 2019 - October 6th 2019 - Vitoria Gasteiz
Swimrun Race 

Epic Landus Swimrun.


Swimrun is a multi sport (runnig and swimming) that combines both disciplines to link ground and water legs that define a race course. Since there are lot of transitions between disciplines and requires time to prepare for the new leg, materials and transitions are a fundamental part of the entire sport nad obvioulsy, the quicker, the better.

Swimrun starts 11 years ago in Sweeden and nowadays more than 100 races are scheduled, it is a fast growing sport in all Europe. Tha main spirit of any Swimrun race should be to share a big experience in wild nature, having fun enoying and respecting nature.

In 2016 and 2017 we have succed doing 1st and 2nd Epic Landus Swimrun Race, helping us to promote and make swimrun more accessible in our local swamp Ullibarri-Gamboa. EWe really want to surprise you again in the next October 7th race., to find out, you will have to come!!!!!